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How To Order Jes Extender Spare Parts

Step 1: Browse through the Jes Extender replacement parts below.

Step 2: Note the part number and quantity you’d like to order then Contact us and we’ll email you a credit card invoice.

We also accept payment via bank deposit, transfer, money order or cheque. Prices include Regular Post Australia wide. Express Post additional $9.95, or free for orders over $60.

We Ship All Spare Parts Worldwide

We ship worldwide to all international Countries including the United Kingdom, Unites States and Europe for a flat rate of $9.95. One shipping price for as many Jes Extender spare parts and accessories you need. All prices below are in Australian dollars (AUD). For International currency conversion go to



Penis extender spare parts and accessories, August 2021 update;


Spare parts 31, 32, and 33:

Our custom parts and accessories numbered 31, 32 and 33 can be used with or as a replacement of the standard comfort pad (part 24) which is placed just behind the penis head for protection. These new extender parts allow the silicone tube to be tightened more firmly, yet boost comfort levels greatly. Each part is handmade out of certified skin safe materials by our own research and development team here in Australia. These custom made comfort components are only available from this website. We have purposefully designed these spare parts and accessories to greatly enhance the comfort levels when using Jes Extender.

Part 33 is a double length version of part 32 and can be folded or doubled up for even more comfort. They are very stretchy and soft, yet very durable. Inner diameter approx. 23mm. We highly suggest all of our users to try these new penis extender accessories. Not only will you get many months of use out of them, the comfort levels have been reported to be improved by up to 200% by some of our test users, when compared to using the foam comfort pad (part 24).


Spare parts 35 and 36:

These accessories are our newest offerings. Part 35 is our custom made quad support and allows Men that wouldn’t normally meet Jes Extender’s minimum requirements to use any penis enlarger in our product range. Used to replace the standard dual support (part 16), our custom quad support rests a a full 1.5 inches (4cm) closer to the body, which makes it much easier for men with conditions such as MicroPenis to effectively use a penis extender to promote penile growth. There is also 4 grooves to lock the silicone tubes into which may help to get more use out of the silicone tube (part 20) by reducing pop outs as the tube wears out. Part 36 is our gel pubic cushion which can help to reduce approx. 75% of the pressure from the pubic region. This spare part is highly recommended for extended wear times and for those who may have sensitive pubic regions.



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