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Penis Size

Penis Size Information

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In this article about penis size we explore the most common penis size for the Australian male population. If you are more interested to find out how Jes Extender works to naturally increase penis size, please visit our video and informational page (opens in a new tab/window) or visit the Jes Extender Homepage. To see the penis enlargement results Jes Extender can give you, visit our Before and After pictures or the Jes Extender Before and After Results page.


Average Penis Size

The average erect penis size for Australian males is 15.7cm in penis length (approx 6 inches) and 13.2cm in penis girth (approx 5 inches) which is the circumference measurement and the true measure for thickness of the penile shaft. Click here to learn  how to measure the penis.


Can men enlarge the penis safely?

Absolutely, our products have been doing it for over 20 years. Men can genuinely and safely enlarge the penis without the need for surgery if they are willing to put in a few months of regular use to obtain the results they want.

The best thing about using Jes Extender? It’s been fully approved, tested and certified by Australian health and safety standards – results are completely free of side effects and all packages are covered by our manufacturer’s 200% money back guarantee. For more information on this topic we refer readers to our questions and answers page and the Jes Extender information page. In Australia, the only two medically proven and legally approved penis enlargement options are Surgery and Jes Extender – which is completely non invasive, comfortable and safe.


Penis Size, is it important?

The opinion on the importance of penis size will vary between individuals. Most of the male population agrees it does matter while most of the female population seems to agree it doesn’t matter. However, one must ask themselves, how can this be? Firstly we must consider the fact that the female gender is a lot more sensitive in their natures than males. One factor to consider is whether or not their current partner has a large penis. If he has a small to average penis size she may hurt his feelings by stating that penis size matters. One thing we can say from experience is that after our customers grow their penis size, we’ve never heard of their partner’s complaining about the new size, in fact just the opposite is true. It seems many women can get a big visual turn on from a larger penis, and many women can also orgasm much easier as well.

Interesting to note is, when answering honestly, the majority of men do prefer to have a larger penis. The only fully Australian approved method to enlarge the penis in the privacy of your own home is by using a product we offer called Jes Extender.


Benefits of Jes Extender and having a larger penis

After being in the male health industry for many years and helping many men overcome personal issues related to penis size we can state the following fact without a doubt. There are many benefits of using Jes Extender to increase penis size.

Some of the things you can expect from Jes Extender;


  • Fully genuinely approved natural penis enlargement method for Australian men.
  • Increase penis length and girth. Gain real inches in only a matter of months*.
  • Big increases in soft and erect penis size (become a “shower” and a “grower”)*.
  • Correct Peyronie’s disease and penis curvature (fix a curved or bent penis)*.
  • Forget worry and be proud when anyone views your package.
  • Bring back sexual passion with your partner. Increase her interest, pleasure and sex drive.
  • Use privately and surprise your partner or next sexual encounter.
  • Better sex (more positions, longer lasting and more intense orgasms for both).
  • Can be used if you have impotence, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
  • Gain a lot more confidence, not only in the bedroom but life in general.
  • Can be used by older men to combat penile shrinkage and can be used post surgery to prevent penile shortening*.



You’re one click away from having the penis size you’ve always wanted!

Congratulations! Whether it was by chance or whether you’ve put in the time and have done your research, you have finally found Jes Extender, the only Australian approved penis enlargement product! By ordering and using Jes Extender it is your chance to have the penis size you’ve always wanted. We’ve spared you the hype and given you the facts. We absolutely guarantee Jes Extender will safely increase penis size. We are so sure of it, we offer a 200% money back guarantee with all packages!


With Jes Extender packages starting at just $249, there is nothing standing in the way between you and the penis size you’ve always wanted. Visit our Secure orders page to compare our packages.

To see the penis enlargement results Jes Extender can give you, visit our Jes Extender Before and After Results page.



Further Information:

Read the official Jes Extender blog.

For video demonstrations of how the Jes Extender works to enlarge the penis and how it’s used please visit our Jes Extender video page.



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